Closed source/Commercial

  • RailMiles journey collation system (v3) (www.railmiles.org)
    RailMiles is a journey collation system primarily aimed at rail enthusiasts, but also used by staff, to log their travels primarily across the UK rail network. The system does support the logging of international journeys in a primitive way. An update is currently being written and this will be available, hopefully, by the end of 2011.
  • RailMiles Offline (iTunes store)
    RailMiles Offline is an iOS app that complements RailMiles. It is available for allĀ Premium users and provides another method of inserting journeys as well as the current SMS and E-Mail systems.
  • RailMiles Mileage Engine (mileage.railmiles.org)
    RMME is a distance calculation system for the UK rail network. It holds data that pinpoints most junctions and stations and can calculate a “most direct” route between two points normally in under a second and a half. This system is currently undergoing an upgrade, alongside the journey collation system.
  • Realtime Trains (realtimetrains.co.uk)
    Realtime Trains is a viewer for the data extracted by CIF Reader, and mashes it together with Network Rail’s open realtime information data feeds. It features passenger and freight data.

Open source

  • CIF Reader (github.com/swlines/CIFReader)
    CIF Reader is a C++ application intended to parse Network Rail CIF and ATCO-CIF files. It is output into a MySQL database for usage with another application. These files contain data relating to rail or public transport services that operate within the UK. ATCO-CIF files are typically available from within the NPTDR open data dataset.
  • RTT Processor (github.com/swlines/RTTProcessor)
    (code will be released soon, after the launch of the new Realtime Trains site)
    RTT Processor is a bare-bones processor for Network Rail’s open data feeds. It allows you to consume TRUST and TD data, producing objects for your own manipulation.